Ebifananyi series & European premiere of Duc in Altum – Dive into the Deep

Pasquart Photoforum Biel, Switzerland | September, 2016

Photoforum Pasquart in Biel is the home to the exhibition that launches Ebifananyi 6, Duc in Altum, Dive into the Deep in Europe. The same exhibition also presents the first small overview of all the Ebifananyi books, including the announcements of the last two books in series that are expected in 2017. A full overview of the book series with spacial equivalents takes place fall 2017 at FOMU in Antwerp.

Duc in Altum, Dive into the Deep, is based on the butterfly collection of St. Mary’s College Kisubi, and a set of negatives that is part of the collection of the Brothers of Christian Instruction, who have been running the school since 1926. Canon Griffin and I (as HIPUganda) digitised the photo collection of both the school and the Brothers and photographed in the biology lab. The lab seamlessly connects past and present. And represents colonial ideas about education and knowing that this book wants to question, while it also wants to celebrate some of the qualities of this prestigious secondary school.

The Ugandan launch and exhibition of the book took place at the National Museum in Kampala, August 2016. Part of this presentation are a very small and rather big book, that investigate the St. Mary’s College’s annual ‘face books’. They are presented elsewhere on this website.