Ebifananyi 6, Dive Into The Deep

264 pages | August, 2016

The sixth book in the Ebifananyi series is based on the photo collections of St. Mary’s College Kisubi, and the archive of the Brothers of Christian Instruction, who ran the school, that was founded by the White Fathers in 1906 in 1926. The title of the book Duc in Altum

The book tries to invoke thoughts and discussion about both the good and the questionable sides of the formal educational system in Uganda that was set up by various missionaries.

Ebifananyi 6 was launched first at the school it is about, then with an exhibition at the Uganda Museum in Kampala. An extra large book was made in an edition of one as part the continuing research and for the European launch that will take place in Biel on September 10th. Another part of the things still going on in relation to this book, initiated by one of the editors of the school magazine remakes will be made of some of the historical photographs in this book.

A review of this book by Joel B Ntwatwa can be found here on his blog.

This book can be ordered here.