The Void (performance with Greyzone Zebra)

Contour Biennale Mechelen (BE) | October, 2019

Together with the Brussels based collective Greyzone Zebra I developed a performance for theĀ Contour Biennale 9 in Mechelen. Various collections of colonial (amateur) film were connected to each other and questioned in terms of the past in which they were produced, including the powers that made presence or agency in these films (im)possible as well as their (in)accessibility related to technological developments.

Maxime Jean-Baptiste wrote a text for the event in which various absences take a central place, leading to the make shift title ‘The Void’.

Greyzone Zebra is a collective of artists, teachers, curators and researchers, which reflects on the colonial past through the study of home movies shot during the colonial period. This performance is part of the ongoing research ‘Reframing PJU’, in which the potential meaning and value of Dutch anthropologist Paul Julien’s legacy is reconsidered by adding perspectives to it.

The following documentation consists of photographs made by Lavinia Wouters for Contour Biennale, stills from the film that was part of the performance as well as filmed documentation and photographs made by me. We are working on a more comprehensive documentation and possible follow up performances.