The Mix – Mission

Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam | September, 2018

The four projects carried out as part of ‘The Mix’, an initiative by RafaĆ«l Philippen in which contemporary photographers responded to historical collections in the care of the Nederlands Fotomuseum, were brought together in a group show. The materials produced for the exhibition that took place in de Limburgs Museum were re-used in this different spacial setting.

The exhibition marks not only the end of an assignment, but also the beginning of a new phase of my engagement with Paul Julien’s legacy in terms of photographs, film, and narrative potential. In 2019 I will initiate exchanges with expat communities from the African countries Julien pictured and wrote about who currently reside in The Hague. This research is carried out as part of the faculty research programme at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and will hopefully be a springboard for further research on the African continent.

Photo credits: F-WORKS.