Musa Katuramu at Mbarara High School

Mbarara High School, Mbarara, Ug | May, 2015

The second book in the Ebifananyi series, with the title ‘People Poses Places’┬ápresents photographs by Musa Katuramu (1916-1983), who was not really a photographer but owned a camera from the late 1930s. Next to operating his carpentry workshop and teaching he used the camera to portray people around him, as individuals and in smaller and bigger groups.

Musa Katuramu was in the 1940s the carpentry teacher at Mbarara High School. The photographs were installed at his former work place and met great interest, specially from the current students who could not stop looking at their colleagues from decades ago.

Without Musa Katuramu’s son Jerry Bagonza and HIPUganda colleague Rumanzi Canon this would not have been possible.