The Kaddu Wasswa Archive

Nederland Fotomuseum Rotterdam | October, 2010

This is the exhibition with¬†which the book The Kaddu Wasswa Archive, a visual biography was launched. Book and exhibition present a collaborative effort to connect Ugandan past and present through the documentation elder Kaddu Wasswa en massed of and during his life. The exhibition included a video portrait made on my invitation by Katja Lenart and photographic documentation made by Kaddu’s grandson Arthur C. Kisitu and myself. Kaddu Wasswa and I have continued to work together and to explore the possibilities to tell his story and address aspects of the (re)presentation of Ugandan history at the same time. We are currently (early 2017) preparing for a short film and additional publication, that will be printed on Nasser Road, Uganda’s most prominent printing hub. Sign up for film and or book by sending me an email on