Exhibition on the Occasion of an Introduction (The Kaddu Wasswa Archive)

Mayirikiti, Uganda | October, 2016

October 16th 2016 was a big day in Mayirikiti village. For the first time in almost a 100 years a young man was introduced formally into my Jajja, Kaddu Wasswa‘s family. On the occasion of this Introduction Kaddu set up an exhibition. Mostly with prints made by me on his request a couple of  years ago. I had not seen the prints in use before. The poster of our show in the Nederlands Fotomuseum in 2010 was also part of the display. And the two prints made, again on his request, by me specially for today. So that the family of the groom to be would become aware of part of their new in-law’s history, and of how educated the family is they are wedding into. One of the prints shows the previous wedding of a girl in this paternal lineage. It took place ca. 1928 and concerned one of Kaddu’s older sisters. The other print shows, together with several family group portraits, Jajja on his graduation day last year December.

Upon arrival in the morning I hardly recognised the garden and home I have come to know so well. The sequenced images show both the exhibition as well as the transformed compound and sitting room of the house.