Duc in Altum – Dive into the Deep exhibition and Launch

Uganda Museum | August, 2016

The launch of the sixth book in the Ebifananyi series took place at literary festival Writivism 2016, that was themed ‘Restoring Connections’. The book is based on negatives that are part of the collection of the Brothers of Christian Instruction in Kisubi, the ‘Facebooks’ of classes of boys available at St. Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK), and part of the entomological collection of the school’s biology lab, established in the late 1920s. More information about the book will be posted soon.

The exhibition takes place in the Natural History wing of the Uganda Museum. The display cases are charming but static and dated. One of them gives credit to Sebastiane Nsubuga and Brother Adrian. Nsubuga is still the lab technician of the boys only Catholic boarding school, that exists since 1906.

No better place then to link the museum, that is in its current state not only a museum that familiarises the visitor with the country Uganda, but also of the ideas about how a culture, a history, a natural history should be displayed.

The images that follow walk you through both the gallery displays and the temporary exhibition put up on the occasion of the launch of Duc in Altum, St. Mary’s College Kisubi.

A soft launch of the book took place at SMACK one week before the one in the museum. Documentation of that day can be found here.

Photo of book launch by Canon Griffin