Buganda Tourism Fair

Lubiri, Kampala, Uganda | July, 2014

As part of shared interest and attempts to help build a photo collection for the Buganda Kingdom, History In Progress Uganda was invited to fill a tent at the Buganda Tourism Fair 2014. The idea was that it would be an opportunity for all involved to source photographs from other audience that those we easily get in touch with online of through our personal networks.

We decided to share the tent with Kaddu Wasswa, who drew large crowds with his stories and teachings. Some people did come and shared their images and thoughts on them with us. And on the last day of the fair we met the Kabaka (King), Ronald Mutebi. He stayed longer in our tent than in any other, due to Kaddu’s presents and me being able to offer him some photographs of his youthful self that are part of the Ham Mukasa Foundation collection that was digitised by HIPUganda.