The Kaddu Wasswa Archive

256 pages | October, 2010

The Kaddu Wasswa Archive is an attempt to make a visual biography of a man and at the same time document the way towards it. It is based on the way Kaddu Wasswa (b1933) documented his life, and made in a close collaboration between Kaddu Wasswa himself, Kaddu’s grandson and Kampala based artist Arthur C. Kisitu, and myself.

This book has been a point in place. But the ‘writing’ of Kaddu Wasswa’s biography continues, as he is still active and full of spirit. In 2015 he is, finally, receiving his bachelor degree in social work. We continue to work together. The archive develops. I have become part of it. New exhibitions have been and can be developed. Other book version(s) have been and will be made. Whether printed in large editions or only on demand.

The book received some informative online attention. Among them this review by Matthew Carsson from the International Centre of Photography in New York. This interview by Another Africa. And this review by Guy Lane on foto8.

If you would like to see and hear Kaddu, then watch this video portrait made by Katja Lennart in 2009.

The Kaddu Wasswa Archive is still available on Amazon, or through an email to me.