Ebifananyi 1-8

2,116 pages | October, 2017

Ebifananyi is a long term research project that led, among other things, to a series of 8 books that were published between May 2014 and October 2018. Each book presents the outcomes of correspondences with and around photographs that were encountered in Uganda. While the books are conceptualised, edited and designed by me many people, mostly Ugandans, contributed to them in words and pictures. In the following sequence you will find a rather kaleidoscopic selection of pages from the books. If you would like to see more, please visit the Ebifananyi Books section of this website. Exhibitions that relate to the books can be found in the photos in spaces section of this website.

The Ebifananyi books can be ordered online here

Most of the books are available in Kampala at the Uganda Society, Afriart Gallery and the Design Hub.

Book reproductions courtesy Africa in the Photobook