I make photographs and do research with and about them. I think about photographs and try to write about my findings. I think that it is important to share photographs, experiences and Works In Progress, because together we know more. This sharing is done both online and in the physical world.

Most of the photographs I do things with come from – and show fragments of pasts on – the African continent in general and east African country Uganda in particular. I activate photo collections that were previously not accessible in exhibitions and publications. I think that by doing this, the way history has been and is written can become more diverse, which is necessary to do justice to it and give multiple points of entry for identification with it.

The exhibitions and publications that can be seen and bought in the physical world are presentations of results – as well as experiments leading to next stages – of the things I do. They try to contribute to a growing understanding of histories told in various contexts and to diverse audiences. Therefore exhibitions are always site specific, and books are made with different readers in mind.

On this website you find documentation of both books and exhibitions, as well as videos related to them and links to other online spots giving access to the things I do with photographs.

Andrea Stultiens